young or old, Get started or boost your retirement planning with Financial Planning for Women

You’re never too
young (or it’s never too late) to plan for retirement/refirement/the next
phase/your later years… to
figure out a retirement plan (whatever you want
to call that phase of life when you can reinvent yourself)

Although FPW focuses on the financial side of life, we
recognize that there is much more to the later years than money. You will come
away with resources to help you: invest for financial security in later life
and understand the importance of starting NOW, (funny) book suggestions to
guide your financial and life planning, great websites with excellent tools,
and motivation to get going! So come to FPW November 12 and bring a friend,
S.O., daughter, sister, mother or spouse. Erica will address strategies and
planning for those under 50 and Jean will focus on the over 50 stage. We can’t
promise to provide a complete plan in an hour or so but we’ll provide the
resources for you to get started and the motivation to continue your planning
for a robust later life.

Newcomers and those who bring new participants will
receive a “reward” in the form of recent issues of Money or Kiplinger’s
magazines or other financial planning resources.

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