The Myth of the Black Friday Deal

According to the October 8, 2012 Wall Street Journal, Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), is rarely
the time to score good deals on holiday gifts. “You’re probably wasting your
time” getting up early to brave the cold and crowds. Based on research that followed
prices for at least 2 years, the report reveals that jewelry, watches, big
screen TVs, popular toys, and other “hot” items get more expensive from
September to December, while appliances and other items get cheaper.  Leading up to the holidays, September and
October are often the best months to buy. 
While stores offer Black Friday deep discounts on some select items as “loss
leaders” to get buyers in their stores, often quantities are limited, making it
hard to score a deal. So carefully plan your holiday shopping budget today and
start shopping for those “hot” items. 
Enjoy a good nights’ sleep and avoid the hysteria of Black Friday crowds.  With more stores offering layaway, consider
that option for making sensible purchases that fit your budget and don’t incur credit
card interest.  Read the details: