Stock Market Prediction for (10th December 2008 – 4th January 2009) from Western Astrology – Chinese Astrology – Vedic Astrology – Technical Analysis

Western Astrology : Full Moon will be on 15th of December so possible weakness during second week of December 2008.

New Moons are normally highs, New Moon will be on 27th December 2008, if Market will be Bullish on 27th and 28th December 2008 then Bullish Trend will continue up to 4th January 2009.

Chinese Astrology: Yang Wood Rat.
Equity Markets should see strength between 10th December 2008 and 21st December 2008.
Favourable industries/sectors : Fire, Wood, Earth.

Vedic Astrology: After 22nd of December Stock market may be little negative. Be cautious in long term bearish market.

Technical Analysis: US Indices – If Dow can break 8900 and S&P 500 can break 890, likely to see a multi-month bear market rally ahead. Pattern or extent of rally yet to be confirmed.

Will we get a Santa Claus Rally?

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