PA lenders angry over ban

Due to state regulations, Prosper banned lenders from Pennsylvania. This caused an immediate and angry response from Prosper lenders. One started a petition and blog – Pennsylvanians for Prosper Lending.

Many PA lenders left angry comments on the official Prosper blog. Here’s a sample:

“I want to express my outrage. I received an email this morning stating that you are no longer allowing bids from registered lenders in PA, and you are also not allowing new lenders from my state as well. The policy in general doesn’t make any sense to me, but more importantly I think all PA lenders should’ve been notified that this change was coming (instead of it becoming effective immediately). I feel like Prosper has slapped me upside the head in the way this situation has been handled. I have previously been very content with the way this site has been run and am more than disappointed in how this situation has been handled.” – wyominggirl7

“If Prosper has had ongoing discussions with regulators in Pennsylvania, why didn’t Prosper contact PA lenders sooner? Not only is this announcement a surprise, it’s a wasted opportunity: PA lenders could have contacted their state senators and representatives, not to mention Governor Rendell’s office, to apply some pressure.” – DonQ

“I contacted my state rep over this lending issue for PA residents. I imagine that the banks do not like this peer to peer lending and so they lobbied to shut us down. Yes I know, heavy handed government tactics at work again.” TeddK

“I suggest you all contact your state representatives and senators as well as the governor. I already have my state rep interested in this issue. I need more information to give him about the what the regulations are and what officials and organizations are involved. I wish prosper had told use sooner so we could have pressured law makers.” – Jon P

“Pennsylvania get more ridiculous all the time. I want to continue lending! I have signed the petition mentioned above and will be contacting my legislators right away!” – Mike S

“I just can’t believe this. With all my other investments tanking, you take away the one that I am actually making a good return on. Its crap like this that pushes people over the edge.” – Jim C

In response, Prosper has published contact information for PA officials who may be able to influence the decision. They indicate they are primarily in discussions with the Pennsylvania Securities Commission.

Pennsylvania Securities Commission

Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell’s Office

Pennsylvania Open for Business

Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Pennsylvania State Senate