Lotteries hurt the poor, but not as badly as Utah’s tax system

An editorial in The Salt Lake Tribune newspaper on January 14 explains how Utah’s income tax system hurts low and moderate income persons. While the lottery has been called a tax on the poor, public policies such as income taxes should be progressive and not regressive. However Utah’s flat tax is among the most regressive ways to levy an income tax.

“The primary source of revenue for Utah’s
public education system is an income tax structure that favors the rich.
The state relies on sales taxes, which dig much more deeply into the
purses of the poor, for just about everything else.

If anything, this regressive tax structure —
one that helps those at the top of the income ladder fight off anyone
who might try to climb up after them — is more cruel to the working
classes than any lottery would ever be.”

Pay attention to what the politicians are saying about their proposals for taxes both at the state and the federal level. While a flat tax might sound attractive in making it easier to file a tax return it is very regressive and hurts low and moderate income people while it benefits the wealthy. Read the full editorial at: