Google Base data API Keys

Google Base data API KeysThe Google Base data API is an extension of the GData API protocol, which you can use to create programs that interact with the Google Base servers. The API allows you to query for items and insert, update, and delete items in Google Base.

The Google Base data API is designed for developers who would like to integrate their applications with Google Base. Due to the nature of the Google Base data API, developers should have some technical know-how and experience in programming applications. The API is designed to help anyone interested in finding items in Google Base or adding items to it. You are free to leverage the data in the API to create interesting applications and mashups and to publish new items for others to find and use. Here are some projects which are querying Google Base through the API:

If you’re a casual user of Google Base and would like to add a few items at a time, we suggest you do this using the existing submission methods: single-item postings and bulk uploads. To get started, go to

If you need to develop a more sophisticated application, you might want to consider the Google Base data API. This method will allow you to programmatically manage items in Google Base. Developers should be familiar with the HTTP protocol. You can start here:

Here are couple of examples of how the Google API keys look like:



Here is simple example of Google Maps JavaScript API: