Economics 6/11/10: Two charts – IRL & Spain

Two interesting charts on 5 year bonds for Ireland and Spain, courtesy of CMA:
What’s clear from these charts is the extent of inter-links between banks and sovereign credit default swaps. In Spain at least three core banks – La Caixa, BBVA and Banco Santander act as relative diversifiers away from the sovereign risk since late October. In Ireland – all of the banks carry higher risk than sovereign. Another interesting feature is a significant counter-move in the Anglo CDS since late September. This, undoubtedly underpinned by the large-scale bonds redemption undertaken by Anglo at the end of September. Thirdly, an interesting feature of the Irish data is that CDS contracts on Anglo, IL&P and AIB are now trading at virtually identical implied probability of default.

Lastly, Irish sovereign debt is now trading at probability of default higher than that of the Spanish banks!