Do Online MBAs Make the Grade?

Are online MBAs as good as in-person MBAs?

I am sure many of you have been asked (or have asked yourself) this question before.
BusinessWeek tries to answer with a very qualified “yes”. Why? Because a few bad apples are spoiling things for the rest of us.

Do Online MBAs Make the Grade?:

“Many of the online MBA programs are well-regarded and offer a way for busy people…to get advanced education without having to sidetrack a career for a year or two. But, as in many growing fields, cautions abound. Concerns about ‘diploma mills,’ or substandard institutions without proper accreditation that offer degrees with little or no serious work, are growing.

While I do question the first clause in the next paragraph, but the warning is well heeded.

‘There are now more fake online MBA programs in the U.S. than real ones,’ says Vicky Phillips, founder and CEO of, a Web site that evaluates accredited online degree programs and educates consumers about them. ‘It’s an area that’s ripe for consumer fraud.’ “