Chinese Astrology Stock Market Prediction for 2009 Yin Earth Ox

In the Chinese almanac – Astrology, 2009 is Yin Earth Ox Year or Ji Chou Year, which is earth element. Yin Earth 2009 Year commences at 0050 on 4th February 2009 and 4th January 2010. Ox is the second sign of the Chinese zodiac. In the Chinese Astrology, each year is made up by two Chinese characters, one called the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch for the other. The Heavenly Stem for 2009 is Ji. 2009 is called the Yin Earth Ox.&13;

2009 the Heavenly Stem is Earth, is not Metal & Metal is finance, so Government will implement new ideas, trying new concepts or policies to rescue the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. Investors confidence is not so good so the will be more cautious and practical. Stock Market will be showing major ups and down during February 2009, Please be careful between 8th January 2009 and 14th February 2009. This period may damage Stock Market. However, for long term investors 2009 will be good year. We will see some improvement in Metal sector during 2009. Ox symbolizes Bullish Trend so second Half of 2009 will come up with some good news for Stock Market. February 2009, April 2009, July 2009, and October 2009 , these months will come with bumps for Stock Market 2009.&13;

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