BSE Dips by 789 Points and NSE Down By 259 Points between 03/05/2010 and 07/05/2010

BSE Dips by 789 Points and NSE Down By 259 Points between 03/05/2010 and 07/05/2010

We are thanking all of our visitor and supporters. We are has once again given mile stone prediction on 18th April 2010 – “Transiting Mercury will pass through Aries Zodiac Sign and Transiting Saturn will pass through Virgo Zodiac Sign, Both are retrograded. Transiting Jupiter will change sign Aquarius to Pisces. We feel that there would be highly Volatility in Indian Stock Market NSE & BSE. Market would try to touch bottom between 03/05/2010 and 19/05/2010, these days would be crucial. Market may slip from current levels.

See the Power of Astrological calculation we will see fall in Indian Stock Market. Indian Stock Market will be more volatile between 3rd May 2010 and 19th May 2010, exit all long position.” in our post –

Prediction’s came true on 7th May 2010, Today The BSE Sensex closed at 16,769.11 while the NSE Nifty closed at 5018.05.

During the week, where around 4.5 per cent decline in the Sensex. Five per cent while Nifty has broken. Between 3rd May 2010 and 7th May 2010- 3.7 per cent during the trading Midcap, Small Cap 5.5 per cent, 9.6 per cent Realty, Bankex 5.8 per cent, 9.7 per cent metal, IT and Auto indices around 4.2 per cent, 3.8 per cent have been broken.

There is Following Correcting in Indian Stock Market between 3rd May 2010 and 7th May 2010.

03/05/2010 Monday -172.63
04/05/2010 Tuesday -248.94
05/05/2010 Wednesday -49.18
06/05/2010 Thursday -100.43
07/05/2010 Friday -218.42
Total Correction -789.6

By the Grace of God we are has predicted all correct prediction in past about Indian Stock Market both BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty. We are trying more to sharpen our knowledge in Stock Market Astrology and Vedic Astrology as well as Western Astrology. For We, Stock Market Astrology is a naughty but interesting subject and we have achieved nearer accuracy of 95%. We promise our visitor that we will give Astro Alert so that investor can Minimize their Loss and Maximize profit. KEEP SURFING.For advance one month paid Prediction Kindly contact stocksensex @gmail .com. The response we have got is WOW. More then 500 person has taken Advance one month prediction. We are really thankful to all of you, who has subscribed and has visited our blog.

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