AdSense Tips that you cant miss

1. There is no perfect position for Adsense ads, some position may perform better than other, but it is all depends on your website design and templates. Most of the websites are content type, and the content usually are articles. So the most promising position for Adsense ads is in your article. Just right below your article title. Just like mine here. Wrap your Adsense ads with your article, make the ads looks like part of your article.

2. Make sure your Adsense ads are above the fold, which brings the meaning that visitors can see your ads right after they come into your site. There is no need for them to scroll down. If visitors need to scroll down to read, let it be your site’s content, and not your Adsense ads. This will increase your CTR.

3. Blend your Adsense ads together with your site background. Make your ads the same colour with your site content. Avoid making your ads stand alone in your site.

4. Try to use the standard blue colour links in your Adsense ads. This is because blue in the internet world indicates links. And everybody knows about this.

5. Do not use the ‘advertise your site here’ tool. You can switch it off from your Adsense account. Why? Because this will make your ads looks completely an ads. This is what we don’t want.

6. Try to use some small pictures which are related to your content and insert them around your Adsense ads. You will discover that your CTR will increase a lot.

7. If you want to make your ads even more effective with pictures, try to highlight your ads in blue, visitors will attract to it and click on it.

8. You can use Link Unit Ads to have more click through as well. Use them wisely.
Usually the best position for Link Unit Ads is on your sidebar, so that it will blend with your menu and have more clicks.

9. Here is another trick for using Link Unit Ads. You can insert them after every articles on your site. Use the bigger size to indicate it as links for more articles. It can works well if your do it right.

10. You can try with leaderboard ad format, because this ad format doesn’t include an url, which make it seems like links more than ads. The position for this should be just like what we’ve said before, under your website or article title.
Ok, these are the Adsense tips for now. I hope that you can try some of the tricks here and get more clicks. Enjoy. More Adsense Tips will be shared.
To Your Success.