600th Post on Personal Finance Blog

Hello Fellow bloggers and readers, This is my 600th Post on Personal Finance Blog. My Blog is only 9 months old now and is growing speedily to catch up with the John Chows or ProBloggers. I’ve decided that after every 100 posts I will summarize my blog statistics encompassing my kingdom in blogosphere, so is this post. So far I have 531 feedburner subscribers, and as a token of appreciation, I will give away a free ad spot and a detail review upto 300 words on my blog to the 600th subscriber. The ad spot will be available for one whole month with prime coverage. So do hurry up as there is a huge competition. I get hundreds of thousands of impressions on my blog so considering this it will be a good exposure for your blog marketing effort. Sorry I dont entertain any link exchange requests anymore unless you are a PR6 and above. I am also looking for co-bloggers who can contribute to the growth of my blog and who can write articles on the same niche as this blog. You will be rewarded for your time and effort. Let me know your thoughts on improving my blog. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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